Formerly Espie Hernandez Dance

Our studio is closed until further notice!  Don't miss your chance to workout or dance with me. 


With virtual classes you'll get the same interactive experience you'd get at an in person class - but in the comfort of your own home, garage, office or virtually ANYWHERE! 

Virtual Lessons

How it Works

These are all LIVE Stream classes. 

The system I use is Zoom to be able to bring the classes to you LIVE.
There is no partner necessary (for dance classes)

- Register for a class by clicking on the class ID above
- Download the app on your smart phone or desktop webpage (
- You will receive a registration e-mail with the link and PASSWORD to join the class. Join the class 5 - 10 minutes before the class and wait for us to get started.
- If you cannot find your e-mail you should be able to go tthe app or website and join meeting and enter the ID. You will need to know your password in order to enter.

Things to keep in mind:
- When you join you will automatically be sent to a waiting room. When I am ready to start the class I will let you in. Chances are I'm finishing up a previous class.
- You will automatically be MUTED. I cannot hear you so if you have a question you will need to UNMUTE yourself.
- I am teaching these classes LIVE, which means if you are e-mailing, texting, sending messages or commenting on Facebook during these times I will not be checking them. Therefore you will NOT receive a response.
- Once you have entered the class, look for the screen that says CLASS VIDEO and PIN that video. This will allow for that screen to expand and that is where you will see the entire class.

Still have questions? Take a look at some of these tutorials:

From a computer Desktop: (

From a smart phone or ipad: (


  • Be sure to check all your computer setting before entering
  • Check that you are clicking on the CORRECT CLASS. If you sign up for several classes, make sure the date and time is the CORRECT one. Look at every ID as a door. You open that door and no one is there...chances are you're in the WRONG class.
  • Please note: I am not a techie person and any technical issues you may have MAY need to be resolved on your end.
  • Check CAPS LOCK before entering the password
  • I cannot FIX your internet speed or connection so don't ask  :-)
  • I recommend using Wifi Service on your phone if you're at home and wifi speed is faster than cellular speed.