Dancing at your Wedding

Many couples choose to take dance lessons before their wedding. Some couples want to learn to dance together for their reception and their honeymoon. Other couples are eager to have a choreographed routine to make their First Dance memorable. Most couples choose to learn a routine for their First Dance and learn some other basic dances.  

If you would just like to be able to dance together at the reception and on your honeymoon, we can teach you several popular dances. Preparing now to dance at your wedding can lead to a lifetime of dancing together at other weddings and special events. Whether you prefer slow, romantic songs or fast, upbeat music...we can ---- make dancing together fun and easy.

It is best to have several songs to choose from for their First Dance. This allows your instructor to assist you in selecting a dance that will be most appropriate for your level and time frame. We can help you decide which song will be the most suitable for you to dance to and for guests to enjoy. Of course, if you do have that one special song in mind, we will choreograph a routine for that piece of music.

Whatever the goals for your dancing, the sooner you get started, the better. It is never too early to begin! 

​Most people wish they had started sooner, especially when they realize dance is easier and more fun than they thought it would be. Minimize your stress and start enjoying the benefits of dance now!

Although our goal is to help you make this day memorable, it is often difficult to accommodate last minute wedding dances.   

Gold Package


20 Lessons

Up to 4 Dances

Up to 3 songs mixes

Quinceanera Dances Traditional vs Modern

We have over 20 years experience working and choreographing them and I can tell you not ONE has been the same.  We try very hard to work with each family to ensure this day is memorable.  

A Quince can vary from region to region.  A typical quinceanera will consist of the following:
1.  Quince Court Entry
2.  Quinceanera Toast
3.  Last Doll Presentation
4.  Father Daughter Waltz

In most recent years other dances have been added however are not TRADITIONAL

1. The Father Daughter Waltz has since been changed to a COURT WALTZ
2.  Father Daughter Dance (non-waltz)
3.  Baile Sorpresa (Surprise Dance non Waltz)

A Waltz is exactly that.... a Waltz.  Waltz is a style of dance.  It is selected for its grace and elegance.  It is an absolutely beautiful royal dance for the court.  

Do you have other traditions that you want to incorporate?  Let us know.  You'd be surprised.  We have incorporated traditional Zapateado even tradition Indian dances.  

Couple of things to ask yourself as you are preparing for this event:

  • How many people in my court? (Remember everyone in the court needs to come to practice)
  • What will we be wearing and how will that affect my dance? What about shoes?  
  • How many dances do I have to have?
  • Is your song selection "AGE" appropriate? Remember just because a song sounds great at the clubs doesn't mean it is suitable for a 15 year old.  We do not choreograph to songs that contain Explicit lyrics and contain sexual content for dances in which under 18 will be dancing. No exceptions

First Dance / Quinceaneras

Bronze Package


5 Lessons

1 Dance

Up to 2 songs mixes

Silver Package


10 Lessons

2 Dance

Up to 3 songs mixes

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