Want to learn to dance but are having a hard time getting to class?
Is the current class schedule not working with your schedule?
With virtual classes you'll get the same interactive experience you'd get at an in person class - but in the comfort of your own home, garage, office or virtualy ANYWHERE! 
How does this work?
You must have:

  • Computer / iphone / smart tv or other device that can allow you to "Zoom"
  • Zoom allows live video conferencing.  You can download the app or connect on your laptop or computer with webcam. 
  • High Speed Internet
  • Be able to download Zoom 
  • There is no fee to download app/ extension etc but there is a fee to join a class.  
  • Space to move around comfortably

Virtual Lessons


NOV 11: Beginning Ladies Styling 4pm 
NOV 11: Intermediate Ladies Styling 5pm 
NOV 17: Spins for everyone 10am
NOV 17:  Beginning Cha Cha 11am
NOV 18:  Back to Basics, learn to dance Salsa in one hour 4pm 
NOV 18: Shines Shine Shine for both men and women 5pm 

Cost is $5 per class


Formerly Espie Hernandez Dance